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Meed Todd & Rebecca


Todd Bruce

"I stab people for fun and profit"

Todd has always been an artist and has been tattooing for nearly two decades. While he is experienced and well versed in all styles, he specializes in complex custom designs.  Through collaboration with his clients, Todd works to create unique, meaningful pieces they will cherish for a lifetime.  

His comprehensive knowledge of the history and science of this art form, combined with his extensive experience, allows Todd to fully engage with clients in the creative and technical process of tattooing.  In addition to creating detailed custom designs, Todd is skilled at assisting clients with covering, adding to, and working around previous tattoos, as well as working on delicate skin. 

When he isn't "coloring on people", he enjoys working on other artistic endeavors in the community  Whether you want to commemorate an event or a loved one, you are looking for something to spark conversation, or simply something to bring you joy, there is no better artist to collaborate with than Todd.


Rebecca Xczar


After years of creative collaboration, Rebecca and Todd joined forces to open Empress Tattoo in 2022. Rebecca is a community leader who serves as Chair of the Ferndale Arts Commission and is driven by a passion to bring accessible art to the community.  She is a fierce advocate for the important role art plays in fostering a welcoming and thriving community.

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