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Gallery of Art & Oddities

gold mannequinn with pink skull head

The gallery is open

Tuesday - Friday, 12 pm - 5 pm

gallery display case

Featured Artists

Anna Waschke gallery wall

Anna Waschke

Anna Waschke is a mixed media artist who specializes in assemblage, stained glass and acrylics. This series of Epitaphs were inspired by archival prints I collected while studying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Like most of the Arctic, many of these places are now unrecognizable. The webs of life we move in are complex and fragile, and easily disrupted. As she works on the Epitaphs, she incorporate found objects, scraps of organic materials and bits of flotsam collected from the beach. She's inspired by the patina of history that accumulates on old and discarded things, the majestic power of our natural places and the relationships we build with them. 

Langley West

With a background in visual and special effects, Langley J West now focuses on art that reminds us that in order to have light, we must also embrace the darkness.  Co-Owner and host of Bleedingham Film Festival, Lanley is excited to be showing his work at Empress Tattoo.

Langley West gallery wall
Ian Styer gallery wall

Ian Styer

A lifelong Puget Sound artist who grew up in Ferndale and currently lives on his small farm in Everson, Ian has a love for animals, nature, and horror films, which oftentimes all find their way into his mixed media artwork.

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