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Gallery of Art & Oddities

gold mannequinn with pink skull head

The gallery is open

Tuesday - Friday, 12 pm - 5 pm

gallery display case

Featured Artists

Anna Waschke gallery wall

Anna Waschke


Langley West

With a background in visual and special effects, Langley J West now focuses on art that reminds us that in order to have light, we must also embrace the darkness.  Co-Owner and host of Bleedingham Film Festival, Lanley is excited to be showing his work at Empress Tattoo.

Langley West gallery wall
Ian Styer gallery wall

Ian Styer

A lifelong Puget Sound artist who grew up in Ferndale and currently lives on his small farm in Everson, Ian has a love for animals, nature, and horror films, which oftentimes all find their way into his mixed media artwork.

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