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About the Owners

Rebecca Xczar

After years of creative collaboration, Rebecca was inspired to join Todd in opening Empress Tattoo in downtown Ferndale. Rebecca also serves as Chair of the Ferndale Arts Commission and is driven by a passion to bring accessible art to the community.

Todd Bruce

Todd has been a leader in the industry specializing in challenging and complex design for nearly two decades, and an artist of multiple genres for his entire life. He has dedicated his time to murals for various city government projects, designed custom clothing for both private parties and various companies and organizations, and excelled in print and paint works of all manner. Tattooing being his main passion and focus, he has specialized in complex custom design and execution.

Todd's intention has always been, and continues to be, to focus on creating a unique and memorable environment and experience where clients feel safe and inspired to express their ideas and inspiration; to be a part of the creative process and to create a meaningful design that they will both cherish and be proud to display and share for a lifetime. He not only has the knowledge and experience to share the history and science of tattooing with everyone who walks in the door, but the passion to help each client create a meaningful story behind each experience that he is a conduit for.

Todd was born deep inside Southern California, and his upbringing and life experience has spanned not only the continent but the globe. He has been an artist of numerous successful endeavors throughout his entire life, but tattooing is his soul's work and passion. Specializing in custom design through both lifelong experience and trauma care such as scar covering and other delicate work, his passions also include history, detail, context, and making inspired and specific tattoo designs as well as conversational pieces that incorporate life experience, history and inspiration. Whether you want to highlight a joyous occasion or commemorate an event or a loved one past or present, there is no better artist to collaborate with than Todd.

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